Improved limits on A&A family case templates and new Power of Attorney option

Monday, Oct 15, 2018

We have raised some of the template increase values available on new A&A applications submitted after Sunday 30 September. We have also added a new template.

Templates are available for some case types to grant one increase to cover your work without you having to come back to us for further authorisation. Using the templates will save you time. Full information is available in the Civil Handbook.

What has changed?

These enhancements were launched alongside the recent changes to civil A&A and ABWOR.

The templates that have been improved are:

  • Family templates  20 – 25 - mediation is now available as an additional work item on all these templates. The value of this work item has been increased from £400 to £720 (£600 plus VAT) for the applicant’s half share of the cost (payable at £43 per hour for the applicant’s one half share).
  • There is now an additional work item available for the applicant’s share of the cost of supervised or supported contact to a limit of £600 under templates 20, 22, 24 and 25. 
  • There is a new template for preparing a Power of Attorney with a limit of £250.

 These changes have been made to standardise the value of certain A&A and civil templates and allow you to get automatic approval for work that we often receive standard increase applications for.

What are templates?

Templates are fixed increases available for cases which meet certain criteria.

They allow an increase for the work which you most commonly have to undertake at the start of the case. They reduce the need for you to have to come back to us for further authorisation as the case progresses. In some cases there are “additional work items” which you can select to help you carry out the work.

You need to select the correct category code to have access to all the available templates. For example if you select the immigration category code (IMN) you will not have access to the asylum template (you need to select category code ASY for this). Similarly with employment matters, you should use category code ET for tribunal matters and EMP for cases which do not involve the tribunal.

Using template increases can save you a lot of time. 

Our new screens will tell you if a template increase is available for your case. In some situations you will also be able to select additional work items which will give you authorisation to carry out certain steps which may help you progress the matter. Most of the time we don’t need much information with a template request, but there are some case types, such as where you want ABWOR in an employment case, where you will need to give us basic details so that we can make a decision.

A template/additional work item can only be used once per application.

For more information

Please contact Wendy Dalgleish, Solicitor,, if you have any questions about the templates or how to use them.

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