Changes to Online Civil A&A and ABWOR application functions

Monday, Sep 24, 2018

Changes to civil A&A and ABWOR applications will go live on Legal Aid Online on Sunday 30 September. These are the final part of our redevelopment of A&A applications.

What’s changing?

ABWOR uplift application: We are introducing a civil ABWOR uplift application, just as we have done for the other aid types.  This will simplify the process of applying for ABWOR. Currently the only way to apply for ABWOR is at the outset or through the increase application. 

Please Note: You will still have to submit an increase application if you want an increase in authorised expenditure in addition to a grant of ABWOR.

You will also see changes to the layout of the application screens. We have reworded some questions and improved the structure of others.  

Civil tab: You can access Civil A&A and ABWOR applications via the Civil tab, as shown below. You will also use this tab to send ABWOR uplifts, increases and verification updates for civil A&A and ABWOR applications. 


Benefits of the new layout and application changes

Some benefits of the new upgrade are:

Simpler applications: the online application process will filter relevant questions depending on the responses you give. We are also introducing improved validations to help reduce rejections.

Improved communications: we will now have access to the same application view as you, making it easier to guide you through the application process.

Training and guidance

The guidance section on our website currently contains training videos and interactive PDFs. A link to the guidance section has also been added to the LAOL login screen.

Webinar’s are available if you require further training.

For further information or to arrange a webinar on any of the existing live account products, please contact: Christine Connerton, Digital Services Marketing Officer:

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