Block move/transfer cases option added to Legal Aid Online

Thursday, Apr 18, 2019

This update contains information about a new ‘Block solicitor transfer/firm moves’ option that will go live on Wednesday 24 April.

We have also recapped below the other developments we previously updated you about that will be introduced as part of this system deployment:

Block solicitor transfers, firm moves and change to A&A Nominated Solicitor

From Wednesday 24 April you will be able to: 

  • Request a Transfer for a number of cases to another solicitor within the same firm
  • Move a number of cases to a new firm while retaining the same nominated solicitor
  • Request a change to the nominated solicitor in A&A and ABWOR cases (where no Transfer facility exists) in exceptional circumstances.

Benefits from implementing these online functions include: 

  • The process will become much more streamlined and quicker
  • Requests will be dealt with efficiently, only creating tasks for decision makers where required.
  • The system will be maintained and updated consistently. This will reduce the problems for online accounts and subsequent work where transfers, moves and changes to nominated solicitor details are not always apparent for system validations.
  • Improving the online account information available to you. Allows the system to calculate fees and values based on accurate information.
  • Reducing unnecessary interactions between you and us. You will have access to the information required to make your own requests to us.
  • Moving these manual processes online will be a resource saving for both you and us.

How the block move/transfer cases’ option works on LAOL

We have created a new ‘Block Solicitor/Firm Moves’ option on the LAOL menu.

You will now be able to select from the options, the function you want:

  • Move cases to a new firm
  • Transfer cases to a new nominated solicitor within your firm
  • Change the name of the nominated solicitor for grants of A&A and ABWOR (where no Transfer facility exists)


Where a solicitor is moving to another firm and taking their cases, no interaction or decision is required by us. The move could be completed the same day as requested using this new form.

Situations where you will not be able to use the Block/Solicitor/Firm Moves application

You can use the ‘Firm Move’ and ‘Change of Nominated Solicitor’ application to move or update an individual case.  However, you can only use the ‘Block Solicitor/Firm Moves’ application if you are transferring a minimum of two cases.

What criteria are being used to identify active cases?

The system will provide, within the specified criteria, all cases available for a particular solicitor depending on the function selected. This will reduce the number of applications displayed to the solicitor, making the list manageable and meaningful by only selecting active cases.

The LAOL form will be easy to complete and send to SLAB.

We have set criteria to select cases:

Training and guidance

The guidance section on our website currently contains training videos and interactive PDFs for the accounts products that are now live.   Including the new paper account process. 

Please open the Guidance page and bookmark it so that you are able to access it easily whenever necessary. A link to the guidance section has also been added to the LAOL login screen.

WEBINAR’s are currently available for the products previously rolled out.

For further information or to arrange a webinar:

Please contact:Christine Connerton, Digital Services Marketing Officer:

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