Glasgow Alcohol Court

Thursday, Jul 12, 2018

A new Alcohol Court is now sitting on a weekly basis in Glasgow Sheriff Court. This new court is only dealing with matters post-conviction, and cases will be referred to this court under any of sections 201, 202 or 203 of the 1995 Act. 

Cases will not be referred to the Alcohol Court at first appearance, so different payment arrangements are not required. Where a case is referred to the Alcohol Court at the deferred sentence stage, often called a structured deferred sentence, current legal aid arrangements already cover this post-conviction procedure. Where summary criminal legal aid, Criminal ABWOR or Duty was in place at first instance, then this will continue for further hearings in the Alcohol Court. 

Where a case is calling in the alcohol court after sentencing has taken place, for instance a Community Payback Order has been imposed and this is being reviewed monthly in the Alcohol Court, separate ABWOR arrangements remain for these proceedings under a Review of a Community Payback Order.   

We are aware that ‘Problem solving courts’ with structured deferred sentences are operating in other areas including Aberdeen, Forfar, Edinburgh and Hamilton. The current legal aid arrangements for deferred sentences or separate post sentence ABWOR also apply in these courts.

More details of this can be found in the Criminal Handbook, at Part 3, Chapter 3.23 for ABWOR cases, and Part 3, Chapter 11.39 for Summary Criminal cases

For more information, please contact:
Kingsley Thomas, Head of Criminal Legal Assistance,

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