Yasmean Malik fined for legal aid fraud

Friday, May 03, 2019

Yasmean Malik pled guilty to legal aid fraud on 1 May 2019 and was fined £450 in Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

The applicant was granted summary criminal legal aid based on her declaration that she held capital of £267.17 within two bank accounts.

The loss to the Legal Aid Fund was £354 and this has been fully recovered by our Debt Recovery Unit.

How was the fraud uncovered?

A member of staff in our Summary Criminal Team was suspicious of a transaction within a declared account and passed the matter to our Investigations Team to carry out further checks.

Our enquiries revealed that she had three undeclared bank accounts which held a total balance of £96,500. She explained that she was only asked for the account into which her Child Benefit was paid. This contradicted her solicitor’s explanation that he asked her whether she held any other accounts and was informed that she had no savings.