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Telephone Routing - Solicitors

Extension shortcuts for contacting us if you are a solicitor or are calling from a solicitor’s firm

You can call 0131 226 7061 and follow the recorded messages using your phone keypad to be put through to the department or team you wish to contact.

Or you can use an extension shortcut listed below to skip the recorded messages and go immediately to the department or team you wish to contact.

Steps to follow:

• Select a shortcut number from the table
• Call 0131 226 7061 and enter the shortcut number using your phone keypad as soon as the introductory message

You can also download and print a Solicitor Telephone Routing diagram for your records.


First choose a department… ..then the team ..then the subject.. ..then dial shortcut
Principal Sums     2601
Accounts Civil Accounts A&A 2478
    A&A Immigration 2409
    A&A Mental Health 2431
    Civil 2479
  Criminal Accounts Solemn & Summary detailed 2423
    Summary Fixed fee or Duty Accounts 2427
    A&A and ABWOR 2482
  Children's Accounts   2483
Collection Unit     2556
Technical Support     2413
Applications Civil applications A&A financial verification 2370
    Details regarding rejection of financial application 2417
    Legal merits of application
    Financial information about an applicant 2391
    A&A increases and ABWOR
  Children's Applications   1231
  Criminal Applications Sanctions & Appeals 2222
    All other Criminal applications enquiries
    Duty plans 2278
Switchboard     0