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Board and committees

 Board structure and committee membership

The Board has set up the following standing committees: 

Details on the remit and membership of these committees are set out below. 

Legal Services Policy Committee

The primary purpose of the Legal Services Policy Committee is to provide policy guidance on the operation of legal assistance. In doing this, the Committee will:


Legal Services Cases Committee

The purpose of the Legal Aid Cases Committee is to consider sensitive, high profile, high value or other specified types of case either at first instance or on review. The Committee deals with:


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee will advise the Board and Accountable Officer on:  


Remuneration and Appointments Committee

The purpose of the Remuneration and Appointments Committee is to consider the remuneration of the Board’s senior staff and to take an overview of appointments and remuneration issues. Specifically the committee will:


Section 31 Committee

The purpose of the Section 31 Committee is to determine whether to exclude a solicitor or counsel from giving legal assistance in accordance with the procedure for Consideration of Exclusion of Solicitor or Advocate under Section 31 of Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986.

Membership (full details in the procedure under Definitions ‘Section 31 Committee’):

Review Committee

The purpose of the Review Committee is to consider and decide applications for review  of first instance decisions of the Legal Services Policy Committee (including reviews of conditions) where review by the Legal Services Cases Committee is excluded by virtue of the involvement of the latter Committee in a prior decision in relation to the application.

The Review Committee will consist of a single Board member and two senior officials of the Board. Said Board member, who will chair the Committee, may be any Board member who has not attended as a member of either Legal Service Policy Committee or the Legal Service Cases Committee,  at any of the prior meetings of either of the said Committees when earlier decisions in relation to the application were made,

Minutes of Committee decisions will be submitted to the meeting of the Legal Services Policy Committee which follows the Committee decision, for information.


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