REMINDER: New Terms & Conditions for Legal Aid Online

Friday, Mar 03, 2017

As communicated in our recent update, the new Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs) for Legal Aid Online are due to go live next week.

The change will take effect from the evening of Tuesday 7 March.

A copy of the new terms and conditions is available here.

How to accept the new Ts&Cs

The first time you log into the system after the change has been deployed you will be presented with the new Terms and Conditions and asked to read them.

Acceptance is required to proceed to use the system.

To accept, please select the field available, confirming that you have read and accept the terms and conditions.   

If the terms are not accepted at that time, the services will not be available. A user who has not accepted the terms will be asked to indicate their acceptance at any subsequent attempted log in, and upon acceptance may proceed to use the system.

You can log in at any time within 90 days from the change going live and sign up to the new Ts&Cs.

What if I don’t accept the new Ts&Cs?

If you have not logged in and accepted the new Ts&Cs within 90 days from the change being deployed your account will be locked until you do so. The effect of your account being locked will mean that no one will be able to submit anything to SLAB on your behalf.

By logging into the system at any time after the initial 90 days you will be given the Ts&Cs to accept, which you must do to complete the log-in process.

Once completed your account will be unlocked.

If you do not currently have a login for Legal Aid Online you should arrange for this through your firm’s administrator.

For more information, please contact:
Graeme Hill, Director of Corporate Services and Accounts



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