Advice and Assistance verification – online banking and banking apps

Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

We have updated our guidance on A&A financial verification to take account of developments in online banking since it was issued.

These advances mean many applicants for A&A may no longer be readily able to provide paper bank statements to assist you with verification of their financial eligibility.

Instead, many may have access to online banking or banking apps on their phones or other portable devices. This will allow you to view balances and transactions when they come to see you.

We have amended the guidance to clarify that sight of accounts in this manner is acceptable to us.

How should sight of online bank accounts be recorded?

We ask only that you record on the application and on your file that this is how you have verified financial eligibility.

When you update the online system with what verification you saw, you should tick the option in relation to bank statements when you have seen this information online on a phone or other mobile device.

We hope that this positive change to our guidance, which streamlines the process, will be helpful to both applicants and solicitors.

Relevant information in the legal aid handbooks:

If you have any queries, please contact: Cindy Morrice , Manager of Civil Finance, at or 0131 240 2199.

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