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Board and Senior Staff

You can read about our Executive Team, senior staff, board members, board committees and corporate governance in this section.

Executive team and senior staff

Colin Lancaster, Chief Executive and Accountable Officer

Colin joined SLAB in 1997 and was previously Head of Policy and then Director of Policy and Development. His responsibilities as a Director focused on improving the availability, quality and cost-effectiveness of publicly funded legal assistance, both civil and criminal. He was also responsible for compliance and solicitor investigations, SLAB's research and management information departments, equalities, the Civil Legal Assistance Office (CLAO) and SLAB’s substantial grant funding programme.


Marie-Louise Fox, Director of Operations

Marie-Louise joined SLAB in 2001 and was previously responsible for the organisation’s planning, assurance and corporate affairs functions. She is a registered solicitor. Before joining SLAB Maire-Louise worked for a criminal law firm and community law centres. Her responsibilities as Director are for planning, directing and controlling SLAB's applications and treasury operations covering the provision of civil, criminal and children’s legal assistance.


Graeme Hill, Director of Corporate Services and Accounts

Graeme joined SLAB in 2006 and was previously the organisation’s Head of Projects. Graeme is a qualified accountant with experience as a Finance Director before joining SLAB. He has substantial operational and project management experience. Graeme’s responsibilities as Director are for SLAB's accounting, procurement and finance functions as well as human resources.


Anne Dickson, Director of Strategic Development

Anne Dickson joined SLAB in March 2012, initially in a Policy and Development role before moving into planning and corporate support. Prior to that, Anne was a solicitor in private practice in both Scotland and England.

She has worked as a social policy consultant with a particular interest in policy relating to housing, homelessness and relationship breakdown, which reflected the interests and practice she pursued as a solicitor.

Anne was also an economic development consultant with a focus on the delivery of rural services. This was informed by her experience as a grant funding programme manager for an EU rural development programme. She has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh.

Anne’s responsibilities as Director include the development of strategic advice on legal aid policy, the effective management of SLAB’s grant funding programme and the direct delivery of services through the Civil Legal Assistance Office. She is also a member of the Scottish Civil Justice Council's Access to Justice Committee.


Ian Dickson, Principal Legal Adviser

Ian joined SLAB in 2002 after 18 years as a solicitor in private practice undertaking both civil and criminal court work. He was Head of Service of the Civil Legal Assistance Office before moving to his current post in which, as SLAB's senior solicitor, he provides legal advice and representation to the organisation, and has overall responsibility for the in-house legal services department.


View our current management structure.

About the board members 

 Standing orders


SLAB's standing orders set out how the business of the board and its committees operate. You can read them here.

Board members' interests


SLAB operates a register of board members’ interests in line with the Code of Best Practice for Board Members of Public Bodies. This requires members to notify us of all relevant interests. The register is updated on a quarterly basis and is available for inspection upon request at our offices and below.

Board committees


Disclosure of names and salary details


To fulfil legitimate public interest, remuneration paid to its Chief Executive, as well as the fees paid to the Chair and board members appointed to the Scottish Legal Aid Board, are disclosed as follows:

Further information on the remuneration paid to the Chair and board members is available at

Expenses claimed by the board and executive team


View details of the amount of expenses claimed by members of the board and Executive Team between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016.

Management statement and financial memorandum for the Scottish Legal Aid Board


The management statement and financial memorandum set out the broad framework within which the board will operate. In particular:

The financial memorandum sets out in greater detail certain aspects of the financial provisions that the board is required to observe. 

Other information about our legal framework


We publish information on how SLAB was established and its legal standing. You can read about the history of legal aid and read the legislation that established SLAB in our Scottish Legal Aid Handbook.

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